Luxe Creatives - Rachel Lewis


Get to know the real Rachel Lewis.

Name: Rachel

What do you prefer to be called: Most people call me Rach

Favourite snack: It would have to be fruit...honestly can’t get enough. The one thing I craved though both pregnancies! 

Favourite Drink: I must admit I’m not the biggest fan of alcohol although can hold a drink better then I thought - but coffee is definitely my go too. 

Favourite TV show: Who doesn’t love a bit of drama and Bold & the Beautiful sucks me in every time!

Favourite Song: My favourite songs at the moment is the soundtrack of A Star is changes all the time! I also love a bit of Ariana Grande.

What do you do:  I’m a qualified hairdresser with 15 years experience…that’s crazy when you think about it . I’ve been married to my amazing husband for 10 years this October time flies when your having fun which brings me to my Two babies. Daughter 7 and son 4…Family is everything in my eyes…my hobbies out side of work are playing soccer, drawing, designing and spending $$ ... which girl doesn’t though!

Why do you do what you do: I love what I do, it’s the relationship you build with clients understanding what they want and delivering there goals. It brings out my creative side. 

What makes you happy: Watching my children grow, feeling proud of there achievements and working hard to give the ultimate dream, experiences and having a loving family makes me the happiest. 

Why hair: I’ve always known I would head towards arts of some sort, graphics design, drawings, creating have always been apart of me...when your school essays had bigger and balder headings then writing it’s a sign! I have a career I dreamed of having. When it’s not a chore and enjoy going to work that’s a dream.

If you could change one thing about the world: So Michael Jackson’s song just come to mind — Heal the World. Who doesn’t want to make it a better place for their kids?

What’s your favourite look: I love hair ups so would have to be a messy bun (Bed hair in a bun).

How long have you been at luxe and what do you love about being part of the team? Luxe Cutters has been apart of my career for the last 12 months and I have loved being apart of the team. Luxe is a very organised salon focusing on its clients and always providing us with the latest training opportunities to keep us at our best along with inspiring management to keep us all thriving at our job.