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Salon News

What’s been happening at Luxe in April ??? 

 Crazy Kay turns 25!


Our gorgeous salon Manager Kayla celebrated her 25th birthday on the 30th of March... as some would say half way to the big 50!

 Kayla has worked for Luxe Cutters for seven years… yes seven years!!!  We have watched her grow into a beautiful young woman and we can’t wait to continue watch her grow and strive to achieve her goals!

 Tamika moves up a level

Tamika, our not so second year apprentice officially turned a third year apprentice on April 16th…. Woooo!!

We are so excited for Tamika’s future as she also just completed her very first haircut in SALON!

 This pocket-rocket has been ticked off for haircuts at school so we brought her skills to the floor… and we couldn’t be prouder! Passing with flying colours, this rock star will soon be caring for her own guests and getting creative… great job girlfriend!

The team at Luxe Cutters are constantly on the look out for mini creative’s such as Tamika… if you know a junior trainee or someone wanting to peruse a career… send them our way!! We love seeing our team grow and we love helping these passionate souls!

 Its back on deck for Taylah

Taylah has just retuned from her one-month holiday in Scotland with her Granddad and family!

Tay and her granddad spent time with her close family; sightseeing and seeing amazing castles in Edinborough and Stirling… oh did I mention they got matching tattoos? How adorable!

Lucky employee…

Who’s feeling lucky…?  I know you are!

As an incentive for our team… when a staff member has gone above and beyond during their working week… they are rewarded with a lucky dip!

There are 50 envelopes in our lucky dip box…  with 25 materialist gifts! Our gorgeous creative’s deserve to let their hair down and pamper themselves after a hard week…It is a great way to end our working week and congratulate our creative’s on how hard they work!

Want to see what they won? Head to our Instagram page to watch the videos…