Service Principal Stylist Emerging Stylist
Scattered /Part Line Foils $92 $78
1/2 Head Foils $135 $120
3/4 Head Foils $171 $154
Full Head Foils $192 $175
Hair Painting In-Between Foils $63 $63
Toner With Service $40 $40
Creative Toner/Zone Toning $72 $72

terms & conditions

  1. Luxe offers free consultations to assess the condition of your hair and your expectations around the desired outcome. This is a great opportunity to meet the team, so come in and have drink and get to know us.

  2. All prices are subject to change based on consultation with a professional stylist. Quotations can be provided at the time of consultation.

  3. Complimentary fringe trim are available to clients who have a regular booking history of 6 to 8 weeks.

  4. A $50 deposit on booking is required for all salon services. Hair extension services, require a %50 deposit for the ordering of new hair, if required.